diumenge, 17 de gener de 2010


¡Cómo me gusta esta canción! ¿ Qué fué de New Order ?

Some people get up at the break of day
Gotta go to work before it gets too late
Sitting in a car and driving down the road
It ain't the way it has to be

But that's what you do to earn your daily wage
That's the kind of world that we're living in today
Isn't where you wanna be
And isn't what you wanna do

Just give me one more day (one more day)
Give me another night (just another night)
I need a second chance (second chance)
This time I'll get it right (This time I'll get it right)

I'll say it one last time (one last time)
I've got to let you know (I've got to let you know)
I've got to change your mind (I've got to change your mind)
I'll never let you go

You've got to look at life the way it oughta be
Looking at the stars from underneath the tree
There's a world inside and a world out there
With that on tv you just don't care

They've got violence, wars and killing too
All shrunk down in a two-foot tube
But out there the world is a beautiful place
With mountains, lakes and the human race
And this is where I wanna be
And this is what I wanna do

El videoclip sí que es bonito... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esiC4dyAluQ

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