dimarts, 27 d’octubre de 2009


Here is the church and here is the steeple,
We sure are cute for two ugly people,
I don't see what anyone can see in anyone else
But you

dilluns, 26 d’octubre de 2009

diumenge, 25 d’octubre de 2009

Welcome back

Sunday's song

A moment
A love
A dream
A kiss
A cry
[ The Temper Trap - Sweet disposition ]

dissabte, 24 d’octubre de 2009

Faubourg Saint-Denis

I see you
[ Paris, je t'aime ]

Lost in translation

I preferd Virgin Suicides and Marie Antoinette. But it's ok. Or maybe I was just too tired to understand... anyway: I love Coppola.

divendres, 23 d’octubre de 2009

This is not a love story, this is a story about love

Such a beautiful, innovative movie. Something new in love stories. Modern and unexpected. Season's premier without doubt. And its soundtrack... sublime.
I love his Joy Divison t-shirts!

dijous, 22 d’octubre de 2009

500 songs with Zooey

You fall in love with Zooey Deschanel from the first sight. She is incredibly talented, lovely and beautiful. She can appear with her charm in a lot of good movies and she also has such a great voice. Her style is really cool and unique. Check her band She and Him.

No way

Someone told me today that Xerxes ( the androgynous bad guy on '' 300 '' movie) is Rodrigo Santoro! The hottest guy on Love Actually! (and a hundred movies more...) I couldnt belive it till I had a look on imbd.. NO WAY! I'm shocked... No words.
He is gonna be with Alexis Bledel (Gilmore Girls) at her new movie in a few months.

dimecres, 21 d’octubre de 2009

It's contagious

They made a statue of us
And it put it on a mountain top
Now tourists come and stare at us
Blow bubbles with their gum
Take photographs, have fun

Regina Spektor is at 500 days of Summer's soundtrack. And her song '' Us'' it's just awesome. (The Smiths is also there! Listen to it )
I really want to watch the movie!

dimarts, 20 d’octubre de 2009

Next movies I MUST see ( and YOU too )

New York, I love you (EEEEverybody is there! ) It's 1901 from Phoenix in the trailer!

500 days of Summer With Zooey! They love The Smiths, me too

Adam It looks cute, isn't it?

11th dimension



[ it's ok but... please DO NOT leave The Strokes! ]

MONDAY you're so NASTY

So mind-boggling. Amazing. Incredible. Crazy. Nasty Mondays.
They are completly nuts. But hell, they play the best music ever in BCN !
Ting Tings, Kaiser Chiefs, Michael Jackson, THE KILLERS (thanks Goddd! ), Bloc Party, The Kooks, Jet... and all that amazing 80's stuff!. Want to repete it sooo much!

dilluns, 19 d’octubre de 2009


I've just find my perfect fragance.

I've heard Emma Watson will star in the new advertising campaing for the Coco Madmoiselle parfum. I'm sure she'll be fine.

International Breast Cancer Day

diumenge, 18 d’octubre de 2009


Why did you do that? I loved your hair Irina... it was your identity sign: your long dark hair, your straight fringe... My hair looks like yours in a blonder way because I love your style and your music!

Anyway... you always look cool. Now you look like an actress from the 20's... so bob. My favourite model ever.

A white demon love song

That's the title for the new song from the Killers for New Moon's soundtrack.

I love the Killers... should I be worry? I like the Twilight saga but... In a few days I'll tell you. Let me have time to listen the song deeply.

What do you think?


Break Up

I don't beg,I don't borrow,I steal.

Everyday I hear the new album from Scarlett Johansson and Pete Yorn I really like it more and more. '' Relator '' is really contagious. It makes you smile from the first guitar chord.

I didn't like Scarlett's first album. It was too dark, and her voice too monotone and low, without any changes in her voice. But it seems that with Pete Yorn's help, their songs are really good, maybe without him it would have been another album more... Scarlett keep going on and don't worry about your voice type, we love dark women voices as yours!

dissabte, 17 d’octubre de 2009

I do not have any Ray Ban glasses

Yeah. I would like to have ones but I cannot. I do not care cause they cost me 15 euros wich is great. I can buy fake ones any shop I go and they really look like the originals. And I love them. I bought this new re-edited model from an old model . Obviously, without Ray-Ban written on it. But they just look awesome.

Celebs like Robert Pattinson or Gossip girl crew(is it my impression or am I starting to get bored from the show? ) are just wearing them in different colours.
Inglorius basterd Diane Krugel wears them too in a more classical way and they look great on her.

No one has the guts to shut us out

We’re all right where we’re supposed to be
(Time means nothing)

I knew this band but I didn't listen to them so much but now I've seen Nick and Norah's infinite playlist ( so awesome ) I love this song ( After hours )and the rest of the soundtrack!

I want Michael Cera so much...